Website SEO Audit

A website audit can reveal HTML errors, structural issues or search engine ‘blockers’ that reduce your online visibility

Why is an SEO audit recommended?

As search engine crawlers make their way through your website, they take note of the structural elements as well as content contained within it.  This means that search engines store your HTML code (the building blocks of all websites) in order to fully understand and index it in their results.

It’s imperative that search engines can quickly and easily access everything they need to in order to fully understand who and what you’re targeting.

A website audit will look at the following on-page elements and server responses in order to make your site easily accessible but highly optimised for Google:

  • Page Title Length and Relevancy
  • Heading tag order and Relevancy
  • Response codes (404 errors or internal redirects)
  • Image optimisation (ALT tags, compression)
  • Mobile device optimisation
  • Server and website load speed
  • Content quality and opportunities
  • URL and folder structure
  • Information architecture
  • URL parameter handling