SEO Consultancy

Need a one-off technical SEO audit, SEO training or on-going consultancy?

What is SEO and why is it important?

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) involves carefully analysing a website’s code, structure, content and other off-site influencing factors to ensure there are no issues that will prevent Google and other search engines from understanding your website. Once any major obstacles are removed, best practice optimisation techniques can be applied to give search engines more information so they can fully understand the context of your business or product/service.

As there are over 200 factors that search engines consider when determining your position in the results pages, these need to be factored in when auditing a website. Some businesses that are well established can be let down by a poorly constructed website or previous SEO activity that is limiting performance. Any recommendations will be prioritised according to the business impact they will have in order to maximise ROI and prove the value of SEO as early as possible.

Below is a list of specific SEO services that I offer, although I generally recommend an on-going relationship that will cover a lot of these specific areas naturally over time.

SEO Strategy

I can create a tailored digital strategy for your business that will ensure you get maximum return on your investment.

Technical SEO Audit

Auditing a website’s structure, HTML code and content can uncover major issues that are restricting Search Engine access.

Penalty Recovery

A full content and backlink analysis can identify issues that have resulted in your website traffic to drop dramatically.

Local SEO

For bricks and mortar businesses, local SEO ensures maximum visibility in Google’s map results and requires a slightly different approach.

Ecommerce SEO

I have lots of experience working with high street retailers and various ecommerce platforms, from luxury fashion to garden products.

Site Migrations

Migrating a website can be very daunting but if done correctly can vastly improve your search engine performance.

Content Marketing

Creating an immersive and engaging resource that speaks to your customers can be extremely beneficial for new business and SEO.

Outreach & Seeding

Showcasing your website assets to other relevant sites will create brand exposure and generate extra links and shares, all important SEO factors.